Articles videogame fashion inspired real world styles

articles videogame fashion inspired real world styles

Video game fashion designed for the 3D world of PC titles is opening new possibilities for cross-industry collaboration.
Outfits inspired by the video game Danganronpa is featured, with Junko Enoshima is a girl with a style all her own. While Junko's skirt is cute, it's not practical for any of us in the real world (it's about an inch long), so I.
We're happy to announce that Maya Hansen, the famous fashion designer Yes, it's our first collaboration with a videogame company, although we have can allow different ideas to what was used in that period in the real world. of people with the most varied outfits that follow this dark Victorian style....

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Serah is dressed in attire that must be somewhat inspired by the classic boarding school uniform albeit a more relaxed version, looking at those Converse-esque boots. Even if you can't afford to buy it — and next to no one can — it's fun to look at. Its dark, stylized monochromatic aesthetic pushed the boundaries of game art and design. A campaign video showed Lightning advancing down the runway, striking combat-ready poses, all while wielding a black Louis Vuitton clutch like she was casting a devastating Firaga spell. And I don't know if it's how this particularly gifted artist rendered her mad props or what, but she's killing in it with that button-down maxi dress.

articles videogame fashion inspired real world styles

Products: SkirtChokerBagShirtBoots Products youre getting married blog Credit: Funimation - Screencap from the Anime Kirigiri is our resident detective who just happens to be full of mystery. It was clear that science fiction was meeting reality at the Met Gala when Kim Kardashian arrived in a daring, chrome-emblazoned Balmain gownlooking like a ruler of a futuristic galaxy. If gauntlets were appropriate to wear in public, this outfit would be my. But more importantly, who did you want to end up with? And let's not forget the future of digital fashion shows! Kirigiri's outfit is simple and sweet. Up next after the break:. Find the latest stories on important technology themes shaping the future. If so, what was your favorite part and who was your favorite character?

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Max Caulfield Max Caulfield is our teenage time traveler. A few years and several thousands of followers later, Erickson now lives in a world where brands like Louis Vuitton team up with Final Fantasy developer Square Enix. Keeping up with the neutral color scheme, I threw in some high black boots.